Valorile noastre

Democracy allows us the freedom to form our own beliefs. CRD programs stimulate individuals by demonstrating values we consider to be essential in a democratic society.

Within a democratic system, responsibility is a way of exercising freedom. We are free to be responsible for ourselves and towards others. This combination of self-care and relationship-building creates a healthy network of engaged individuals capable of contributing to society.


Loyalty, Perseverance, Honesty

Building democracy relies on loyalty to democratic values, perseverance in following and promoting them and honesty in admitting this long-term process is first and foremost a permanent effort of self-perfecting.



In order to get the message out to as many as possible, we are creative. We respect all environments and adapt our language to make sure our message reaches the community.


Diversity, Respect

We define diversity as the capacity to integrate different opinions, beliefs and principles. Through all our programs and projects we recognize and respect the benefits of multiculturalism in raising truly free spirits.


Freedom, Equality of Chances

We respect personal freedom and advocate for equality of chances in all environments. Through our projects we promote freedom of speech and respectful representation of oneself and one’s culture.


Involvement, Support, Responsibility

We are present in Transylvania offering sustenance and support. We get the community involved and aim to grow together responsibly. We encourage community members to know their rights and protect themselves in vulnerable situations